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Setting Up E-mail

Common Questions:
Can I send e-mails from my account?
How do I add, delete and modify e-mails?
What is an alias?
What is a forward?
What is the “anything” account and can I disable it?
What is an autorespondor and how do I set one up?
When I try to set up my username, my e-mail program keeps telling me the username can't be the
entire address.  What do I do?

I forgot my password.
My box has filled up. Can you delete the mail from it?

Can I send e-mails from my account?
Yes.  Coastline offers SMTP, POP3 and IMAP server capabilities.  Most clients can use If your account was set up before March 2001, contact Tehnical Support to have your account adjusted.

How do I modify e-mail settings?
To modify your e-mails, you can go to, login with your domain and FTP password, and click on "Edit E-mail."  It will let you create, modify and delete e-mail addresses from there.  Please note:  When you create or modify an e-mail box, it will ‘hang’ for two minutes, or so.  You are making real-time changes to your account and the server is automatically processing your request so be patient.  


You sent me an e-mail with all of my settings.  What do they actually mean?
Each of the settings in the e-mail we sent you contains parameters your e-mail program will use to set up your account.  

E-mail address:  The actual name of your e-mail address. 

Incoming POP3 or IMAP e-mail host name:  This is the mail server that accepts and then either stores or forwards your e-mail.  It is not a server that will send mail from your account.  This is also called the "incoming server" in most e-mail programs.

POP3 e-mail user-id:   This will vary.  The setting will be found in the control panel.  The username will be either the actual e-mail address or a variation on the domain name.  It could be "" or anydomain5.  Be sure to make note of your control panel settings to ensure you have the correct information.

POP3 e-mail password: abcd-1234  The password is set up when you create the account.  However, we do not have access to it, so be certain to remember the password or you will need to reset it when you want to use it.

Outgoing SMTP e-mail host name: We have two different mail servers. Accounts set up before 3/1/02 do not have SMTP service. You can use the SMTP server from your ISP. If this isn't possible, let us know and we can help you move the mail to the new server. All other accounts use Make sure that you check "My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication" in your mail program. This is generally found in the SMTP server settings.

All mail addressed to (anything) will be sent to this default e-mail box.  This will show up on the server as *  The "anything" account allows all mail sent to your domain to be captured by our server.  This is an excellent safeguard for misspellings and employees who may have left but their mail might still be important.

Forwarding address:   If you don't want the mail stored on our server or have a central website where you pick up all your mail.


What’s an alias?
An alias is another name for the same e-mail box.  For example, you have an e-mail box named and wanted to add WEBMASTER.  However, you only wanted to access one mailbox.  All you do is set up WEBMASTER like any other box except you would also have it forward to INFO.

What’s a forward?
When you forward an e-mail account it doesn’t stay on our server very long.  It is sent along immediately to the server hosting the other account.  You set up a forward in the control panel. 

What is an autorespondor and how do I set one up?
An autorespondor is a message automatically sent by your e-mail box in reply to an e-mail that is sent to you.  They are commonly used for vacations or when you are away from your office for an extended period of time.  To set up an autoresponder, go to   

(Be sure to type in the http part.)  You can then log in with your e-mail address and password.  Click on Vacation Messages and you will find the box for your vacation message there. 


What’s the “anything” account and can I disable it?
The “anything” account will accept any e-mail sent to your domain name, such as and  Some clients want to limit random e-mails and choose to disable this.  If this applies to you, please contact for instructions on how to do this.

How large is my e-mail box?  Can I make it larger?
Most boxes are 5 megs.  If your box consistently fills up (at least two or three times a week) we can increase the size to 10 and then 15 megs but no more.


When I try to set up my username, my e-mail program keeps telling me the username can't be the entire address.  What do I do?
Ignore it.  Most programs give you the option of ignoring this error message.  We have two different e-mail servers and one of them really does use the e-mail address itself as the username.  If that is what you were given by your control panel, then this is correct.  (Note: Some free programs don't give you the option of using the e-mail address and you may not be able to use these programs to access your mail.)

I forgot my password.
We do not have access to your passwords.  The easiest thing to do is go into your control panel

I have an e-mail that is stuck and won't let other e-mails through.
This occasionally happens and usually means a large attachment or corrupt e-mail.  If it does happen, please let us know and we can assist in removing the message.

My box has filled up. Can you delete the mail from it?
Coastline charges $25 to delete mail from your box.  Usually this problem is created when you leave the mail on the server for an indefinite period of time and forget to remove it.