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Error Codes

An error code is your computer's attempt to communicate.  These codes are generally cryptic.  You can go into the Tools>Options menu of your browser and request friendly error messages.  However, when you are working on the Internet you are bound to come across various errors.
Below you will find listed common error codes and what they might mean.
Possible "Success" codes are:
200 = Success: OK
201 = Success: Created
202 = Success: Accepted
203 = Success: Partial Information
204 = Success: No Response
300 = Success: Redirected
301 = Success: Moved
302 = Success: Found
303 = Success: New Method
304 = Success: Not Modified
Possible "Failed" codes are:
400 = Failed: Bad Request
401 = Failed: Unauthorized
402 = Failed: Payment Required
403 = Failed: Forbidden.  You may require permissions or scripting needs to be turned on.
404 = Failed: Not Found.  This means the the URL is no longer valid.
500 = Failed: Internal Error.  If you are getting this on your site, contact support immediately.
501 = Failed: Not Implemented
502 = Failed: Overloaded Temporarily
503 = Failed: Gateway Timeout