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We offer PHP to our knowledgeable clients and do not offer any technical support on how to use PHP.  We have installed PHP 4.1.0.  Our server is not .NET compliant, however, it does support Visual InterDev 6.

What is PHP
PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor," and is a server-side scripting language that lets you create dynamic web pages. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages.  Much of PHP3.0 is a combination of Perl, Java, and C concepts. The syntax structure borrows heavily from C, making it an easy language to learn for even the novice programmer.

Does Coastline have to do anything for my site to be ready for PHP?
If you are an existing client, we may need to transfer your site to one of the Win2000 servers.  You will also need to check your Control Panel to verify that scripting has been enabled on your site.