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Internet Software

We recommend users have recent versions of FTP, Web Browser and E-mail software. Listed below are links to popular software for Windows and Macintosh.

Web Browser Software


Web Development Software

FTP Software


E-mail Software

  • Outlook Express - download the latest version of Internet Explorer and it contains an easy to use e-mail program called Outlook Express.

  • Netscape Communicator - download this web software package and it contains a great e-mail program called Netscape Messenger.   This software has the ability have multiple users / profiles in one application, ideal for home and office use (see Profile Manager in software package).

  • Eudora - for Windows, Macintosh

General Utility Software


Graphics and Animation Software
  • Photoshop - for Windows, Macintosh

  • Corel Painter6 - If you like painting but can't stand the mess, this is the program for you.  It is a real media replicator that creates images you would swear came from an easel rather than a computer program.  Great for creating animated gifs.

  • Illustrator - A vector program that creates seamless graphics that change size easily without vectors.

  • PaintShopPro is an excellent graphics program that offers many creative options and still keeps layers. 

  • PhotoPlus6 is a much less expensive program than PhotoShop and offers some excellent features, as well. 

  • Flash - an easy to learn animation program that has swept the web.