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Coastline's Reseller program allow resellers to purchase advanced hosting services at wholesale prices. As your volume grows your reseller discount also grows, adding profits to your business.

We are the hosting partner of choice to more than 1000 resellers for a reason. We combine highly robust Compaq servers with a complete line of reseller services. Our Coastline team is 100% committed to providing the best combination of services and support to our resellers.


  • Capitalize on a significant revenue opportunity without the investment or risk associated with becoming a full-scale Internet Service Provider

  • Generous margins from sales of Internet services

  • Add significant value to your offerings through web design, support and resources as an Internet expert

  • Provide a full-featured hosting service while Coastline remains invisible to your customers

  • Control Panel: resellers have an advanced control panel to manage your account and add domains, mail boxes & plan features. Your customers have their own control panel add/change mailboxes and passwords.

  • No reseller startup fees

  • Dedicated Coastline technical support team


Coastline resellers receive our advanced, full-featured, E-commerce Plan B at up to 80% off the regular price.

Reseller Discount

5 or fewer




 75+ domains

Monthly rate per domain

No discount





Plan Features

Plan B

Plan B

Plan B

Plan B

Plan B

Start Reselling Today

1) Sign up your master domain name as your first account using our online form at:

2) On the signup form select "I want to become a Reseller" to have your account be activated as a Coastline reseller